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Our Vision

Our Vision is to enable our students to become good human beings with the ability to become lifelong learners and skilled professionals who contribute positively to our society.

Our Mission

The Mission of Woodbine Gardenia School is to provide a world class education to our students. The school provides a challenging academic environment to ensure high intellectual standards. We recognize that children need a safe and caring learning milieu in order to reach their full potential.

Woodbine Gardenia School creates opportunities for all students to participate in games, sports and extra curricular activities. This all-round education makes the students accomplished public speakers, confident leaders and good team players.

Every child is unique and Woodbine Gardenia School is committed to ensuring that no child is left behind.

We believe that communication between the stakeholders is the key to success. The school Management, teachers and parents work together to give the best to our students.

Culture of the School

Woodbine Gardenia School has a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. We firmly believe that all human beings are equal and the school practices no discrimination on any grounds whatsoever. Interactions between students and teachers are open, positive and respectful. Our policies promote the physical and emotional safety of our students and staff. Students are consistently held to high academic expectations. Mistakes are not punished as failures, but are seen as opportunities for self-improvement. Parents are considered as essential partners in nurturing students to be exemplary human beings and successful professionals.