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Established in 1985, Woodbine Gardenia School is a leading CBSE school in the city of Kanpur. The school is centrally located in a 7 acre campus with ancient trees and large playing fields. The school consists of five separate blocks, housing the office block, the primary block, the secondary block, the higher secondary block and the Woodbine Sports Centre which includes a state-of-the-art gym and an international sized swimming pool.

Mr Shahid Rehman


Chairman's Message

These are not normal times. Today, not just India, but the whole world is undergoing an extraordinary crisis. Such situations arise perhaps once in many centuries. All of us must unite and be brave enough to face these difficulties. We should feel thankful that we are in safe hands. At this time our efforts should be to support our leaders and do whatever it takes to overcome the predicament in which we find ourselves. History shows us that human beings have the capacity to defeat great problems. This calamity too shall pass. Our unity, determination and courage will enable us to vanquish this catastrophe.

At Woodbine Gardenia School, we are committed to making sure that our mission to provide world class education remains uncompromised. Over the years, the Woodbine campus has emerged as a green oasis in the midst of an increasingly concretised city. Our international-sized swimming pool with its modern filtration plant, our vast playing fields and the range of our scientifically designed Playground equipment has set standards for other schools to follow. We have up-to-date Science and Mathematics Laboratories so that our students engage in hands-on education. Our emphasis on activity-based learning and public speaking has enabled our students to become confident and creative leaders in society. Our dedicated and affectionate teachers have made Woodbine a ‘home away from home’ for generations of children.

Woodbine students are high achievers in the Board Examinations, as well as in the various competitive examinations like IITJEE, NEET, CLAT, NDA and others. Our alumni hold top-ranking positions in a variety of professions, not just in India, but in almost every corner of the world. We are proud of the ongoing and past achievements of our students and alumni.

In these times of uncertainty and distress, Woodbine was one of the first schools to begin systematic online classes. We continue to work tirelessly to support all the educational needs of our students. The Woodbine Family stands united during this crisis and beyond.

Thank you

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